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Tantastic Self Tan Gets Thumbs Up!

June 30, 2016
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As many of you may know I tend to worship the sun and love a good tan. I’m one of those ‘I wish I was born Spanish’ type gals and get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone mistakenly greets me with an ‘Ola’ on holidays! Don’t get me wrong I love every other part of my Irish dna, but tanned skin is honestly my wish every time I blow an eyelash away, break a wishbone or see two black birds in a row. All jokes aside I am coming to the conclusion as I progress in years, that I had better not wait for magic to take effect and go out and get that Beyonce glow myself.

A lot of you have been asking me what products I use in particular the ones I use on my excursions to sunnier places and so I thought I’d share it in a blog post. I could do ten posts but I’ll give one a go to start with! My most recent secret to bronzed looking skin has been the wonderful Tantastic Self Tan. I am always trying new tans, a tan connoisseur or tanning ninja some might say and this Tantastic range has definitely caught my attention for all the right reasons. I live by the ‘Tan is for life not just for Christmas’ type motto, (ok slightly altered motto!). Tantastic not only stood the test for a long hall holiday but also as a quick fix before a night out, unexpected Irish heatwave and emergency top ups when your best friend has butter fingers and spills a drink over you as soon as you arrive at a party.

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The Tantastic Self Tan range caters to all tan lovers as they have a variety of products. I personally found myself using the ‘Liquid Dark for longer trips as it develops over night and lasts up to 7 days. It also fares well in water so super handy for your summer holiday. The best way to maintain this tanned look for those 7 days is to use a gradual tan and thankfully Tantastic have one as part of their range. By applying this every night it maintains the longer lasting tan while also adding a little, making up for any tan lost during those dips in the pool. When I’m at home I get my bronzed look from using their ‘Fast Drying Tanning Lotion’. This serves as your go to tan for last minute top ups. The finish is so natural and smooth looking, I love it. I used it most recently at two Irish Festivals, Forbidden Fruit and Body & Soul and it came out so nicely. There are 5 different types of Tantastic Self-Tan and you can pick them all up in Boots, or for all you online shoppers you can purchase them directly from

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So there you have it, whether you like to be sun kissed or bronzed to the max, Tantastic  have got you covered :)

Enjoy the bronzed times ahead!

Belle Azzure x


Welcome to Belle Azzure!

February 19, 2016





Welcome to Belle Azzure!

Hello there and welcome to Belle Azzure, your one stop shop for Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Food. The aim of the game is to bridge the gap between you and your next date night outfit, European destination or new restaurant/cuisine that hasn’t hit your radar yet. As this is my first official post I’ll keep it short n’ sweet and fill you in a little on why I have entered into the world of blogging.  Aside from the fact that I have a background in digital marketing and actually love the idea of having my own baby website to play around with, I definitely have my friends to thank for pushing me on, and making me bite the bullet, pick a laptop up and get typing about my past and future experiences!

I don’t want to spoil too much and give my future blog posts away, but I am really looking forward to sharing as much as I can with you all. Future posts will touch on my travel experience to date, part of which will include how I moved to America, some lifestyle tips and tricks, my fashion finds & of course some foodie fun thrown in along the way to spice things up! Hopefully, as a result of my efforts, some lovely soul out there will get divine inspiration from a fragment of a post and it  will benefit them in their own special way. I would definitely be ‘winning’ as they say if that were the case, so feel free to contact me and let me know if I have acted as the catalyst to your taco obsession or sparked a new found love for New York in you….. (ok I’m giving to much away here better stop!)

Alas I leave you with my first ever shoot to compliment my first ever blog post. I am very excited to say that Belle Azzure is going to have the pleasure of collaborating with the oh so talented photographer Paul Condron on various blog posts in the future…..So be sure to stay tuned!


Belle Azzure


Outfit details:

Black turtle neck –

Black sleeveless jacket – Topshop

Black cigarette trousers – Topshop

Black court shoes – Zara

Faux Fur Green Wrap – Missguided

Red Handbag – Kate Spade



Having the lol’s with the locals!