My Promise Gluten Free Experience

May 21, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram I am SUPER excited to be collaborating with Promise Gluten Free Bakery to help promote their Gluten Free Products this month. I have actually been a fan of their products for a long time now so I was delighted to get on board and fulfill one of my life long dreams of becoming a ‘Bread Connoisseur’ with their new Sourdough bread range!!!!

Shock. That’s the first emotion you feel when you find out you can no longer eat gluten. (Or your son or daughter. Or spouse.). Maybe there’s a little relief, since you knew something was wrong and the last thing you want to be is sick. And then there’s the flood of fear. What will you eat?


Have you struggled  particularly with finding a gluten free bread that matches the taste of normal ‘mainstream’ bread?

I sure have.  Ever since I started my gluten-free journey, I have been struggling with trying to find the perfect loaf of bread that would reunite me with my love for sandwiches again!  My homemade breads were always quite dense and crumbly, Some were hard to slice & some were too easy to slice they would just crumble in my hands.

It’s safe to say that I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly with Gluten Free Bread in particular.

Enter Promise Gluten Free….. Originating in the seaside village of Ardara in Donegal with over 50 years of craft baking experience, this part I love (Support the Irish!)

Thankfully Irish bakery brand Promise Gluten Free have been working in the background on our behalf! Tirelessly working on perfecting the taste & texture so that it meets our needs. The exciting news is that they have launched a NEW selection of Sourdough breads that are a game-changer for those on a gluten free diet

Promise Gluten Free brings soft mouth-watering texture and contain strong nutritionals with white vegan, multigrain and chia & quinoa sourdough loaves

They are also lower in fat, lower in sugar and high fibre, enabling you to get the right level of fibre required in their diet when consuming this product

The new Promise Gluten Free breads include White vegan, multigrain & Chia & Quinoa sourdough

  • White Vegan Bread – looks and tastes as if it’s straight out of the bakery! With an artisanal appearance and soft texture complete with a mouth-watering sourdough taste priced,
  • The Multigrain Bread – made from a mix of seeds and grains to add extra flavour and texture,
  • Chia & Quinoa Bread – a soft loaf with a pop of chia seeds and quinoa for layers of colour, texture and nutrition

In addition to the breads above, Promise Gluten Free also provides rolls, a range of delicious brioche bread (burger buns/hot dog rolls, bread), bagels, and a full confectionery range from cakes to muffins to pancakes!

I will be showing you on my Instagram over the next week or two how I use my Promise Gluten Free goodies in my day to day diet. So far I have made a chicken sandwich with the Soft White Sourdough, a burger with a brioche burger bun (not a drill!!!), Apple Tart with custard & ice cream, & madeira cake… the list goes on! But all I can say is that they were all genuinely AMAZING! It’s been a long road of trialing and testing, as I’m sure it has been for you all, so finding a brand you can depend is fantastic! I’m so excited to see this brand go from strength to strength with their products and see what the future holds for them.


All Promise Gluten Free products are now stocked in retailers nationwide including SuperValu, Dunnes Stores, SPAR and Tesco. You can view the full range here


A big thanks to Promise Gluten Free for partnering with me on this post

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